Tuesday, 6 December 2011

What do you want to read in my blog?

Naomi Simson spoke at an event I attended a few weeks back.  Do you know who she is?  CEO for Red Balloon, an organisation she founded, based on fun...look her up in google.

She was super polished in front of the crowd – a piece of marketing for Red Balloon – practiced and professional.  In Australian terms, perhaps verging on over-the-top.  But before you misread me, can I suggest this is what it takes to be successful.

One quote from Naomi caused me to think – What causes growth is the ability to make a difference to another human being.  How does that work?  For business transactions, let’s remember that every business consists of people.  For two businesses to grow, then each business must find a way to make a difference for the people in the other business.

The difference needs to be relevant.  There’s no point making a difference (let’s say ‘reducing costs’ when the business and the people in that business are trying to increase revenues) for something unimportant.  To understand what is relevant, you need to ask questions and listen.

But this is not a business blog.  This is a chart of my progress towards publication of my first novel.  One part of the strategy is to ‘build an on-line’ platform – essentially a group of followers that read my blogs, and when it comes time to approach a publisher, I can point to my success as a blogger.

So here is the question.  Given my objective, what do you, the occasional reader of my blog want to hear about?  Anything?  I’m going to keep writing what I’m interested in, but also curious to know what interests you.  Perhaps you’d like to know what the book is about, or what challenges I’m facing.  I can tell you how many words, and what draft number.  Or perhaps I can tell you about my efforts in short story writing.

Am I breaking a rule?  Is a blog supposed to cater to its readers?  Or am I supposed to come up with interesting stuff to you all on my own.

I go back to Naomi Simson’s quote.  The relationship between the blog and you needs to be relevant, before I can even hope to make a difference.  Go on, write something about what you hoped to read when you clicked on this blog.  Tell me...

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