Saturday, 28 July 2012

Rejections - Great news!

I’m not a real writer yet.  I can tell, because I have less than ten rejections to my name.  Go here to read about famous authors and the number of rejections they received before being published.  (I was going to do some research and publish it here – but this article says everything I could want to say.)

Two rejections this week.

So what do I do?  I’m going to trust the story is OK, and send it to someone else.  It can’t hurt.  In the process I will see if I can get some feedback that might help (or determine the story is rubbish).

Most importantly, I’ve started another short story.

And I’m reading.  The current edition of Midnight Echo (Australian Horror Writers Association magazine) landed on my doorstep, so I’m reading the short stories to see how they differ from mine.

I’m reading the various entries to the Australian Shadows Awards (I'm the Director), again looking for the secrets of success.

The Australian Horror Writers Association offers a mentor program with published authors as mentors.  I’ve applied.  Let’s see what else I can learn to improve the quality of my stories.

And never give up.  Some authors received hundreds of rejections before success.  I’ve got lots to receive yet.

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  1. Hey Robert

    Thank you for linking to my literary rejections post, and I am glad it is helping inspire you. It was written to inspire all writers to persevere.

    Good luck with your novel